Glico GABA Stress Fighting Chocolate

GABA, or gamma-amino butyric acid, is a component of chocolate that has been shown to have a stress reducing effect. This Glico product by the same name contains 280 mg of GABA per 100 g of product, and comes in milk chocolate and bitter chocolate varieties.

Possibly the more interesting point is that this product employs the relatively new food claim system in which a company takes responsibility for the claim instead of having it approved by the government. This was introduced to somewhat mimic the claim system in the US.

Therefore this product clearly claims psychological stress reduction, but then in small print points out that this claim has not been verified by the Japanese government.

Key words: Glico, GABA, chocolate, グリコ チョコレート ギャバ

Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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