Frito Lay Dadachamame Chips

Dadacha-mame are a variation of soy beans only grown in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture (see map on package). These are corn chips and not potato chips.


Meiji Galbo Mini 2

These have a strawberry coating with real strawberry bits.


Meiji Galbo Mini 1

The core is the same as the regular Galbo, but the size is smaller and they are coated with chocolate.


Kirin Tanrei Happoshu

Long seller, but the taste still takes getting used to.


Meiji Chip Chop

Crunchy and chocolate filled. With and without a mixture of nuts.


Koikeya Rich Cut Potato Chips with Chocolate

Tastes better than it looks.


Kirin's Nodogoshi 3rd Category Beer

This is the top brand among 3rd category beers. These beers are still working on taste though.


Nestle's White Chocolate Cocoa

Meiji and Morinaga dominate the cocoa mix market in Japan. Nestle is challenging with a white chocolate version. It does not work with hot water though (as some of the other brands do). This only tastes good with milk.


Meiji Galbo Balls

Meiji's popular Galbo Balls. Light and fluffy, but with a full chocolate taste.


Minute Maid Juice Bar

Part of Coca Cola's Phytos for Life series. 60/40 fruit/vegetable juice. The product art is interesting. Looks like a decadent hamburger at first glance.


McDonald's iCon Chicken Cheese Fondue

I tried this one and it was surprisingly good. The ad on TV features dairy farmers.


McDonald's iCon Sandwiches

Limited edition sandwiches from McDonald's to be rolled out over the next month and a half.


Georgia Can Coffees

Can coffees from vending machines are very popular in Japan. Here are there from Coca Cola. A fair trade coffee, a double barista champion and a European strong/mildly sweetened coffee.


Burger King Teriaki Burger

Only available in Japan.


Burger King Whopper All-You-Can-Eat

Hard to imagine Burger King offering all-you-can-eat whoppers in the US. All you have to do is order the medium set.


Asahi World Tour - Germany

Apparently, there will be more in this series, but this one is a German Marzen-type beer.


Beck's Coffee's Maple Milk Coffee

They are also offering a cake set.


Yakult Genki Yogurt

This probiotic yogurt also contains iron and calcium. This is supposed to make you healthy/strong, thus the picture of the man flexing his muscle.


Sapporo Creamy White

The main selling point here is the creaminess or foaminess. The sourcing of the barley and hops are touted. Pretty good for a 3rd category beer.


BioJapan 2010

BioJapan 2010 was held last week in Yokohama. No really big news from what I could tell. Mostly just a sea of BioClusters from around the world wanting people to open shop in their country.


Asahi 4VG 3rd Category Beer

This 3rd category beer uses 4-vinyl guaiocol which is either an off flavor or a flavor enhancer depending upon the product and your taste buds. Asahi claims this is an essential component of German Weizen beer, although they then clarify it is not beer (to maintain the non-beer tax status).

This compound is said to add a fruity flavor.




This is a sign in Asakusa which covers most of the bases for Lotte - ice cream, chocolate, biscuits and gum.


Nikka Whisky

This sign is also in sight of the Asahi headquarters in Asakusa (Asahi owns Nikka).


Asahi Super Dry

This sign is in the Asakusa district within sight of the Asahi headquarters.