Morinaga Partheno Greek Yogurt

Morinaga has introduced Japan's first Greek-style yogurt. Their take on Greek yogurt differs as it is being marketed as a premium yogurt in personal 80 gram cups with a packet of honey on top. The product information goes something like "not only for health and beauty, Greek yogurt is among the most delicious of yogurts". Most of the emphasis in the copy is about how concentrated the yogurt is (3 times that of ordinary yogurt), the product is placed along side probiotic yogurts, and it is priced at a premium, 180 yen.

Aside from the taste, the appeal of Greek yogurt is the high protein content - thus making it attractive to people who watch their carbohydrates. Unfortunately, the added honey defeats that purpose, but I like the upside down spoon photo.


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Meiji Perfect Plus Sozai Gisshiri

Meiji, as part of its Perfect Plus line of nutrition bars and drinks, has introduced two Sozai Gisshiri products which translates roughly as "Packed Full of (Nutritious) Ingredients". Pictured is the chocolate and mixed grains and fruit version, which is 167 calories and boasts fiber, 10 vitamins and iron. There is also a cranberry and blueberry version.


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Hokkaido Ramen in Oiso

This is a great ramen shop in Oiso along Route 1, which is usually crowded. They offer Sapporo, Hakodate and Asahikawa style ramens. 北海道らーめん壱龍

FamilyMart Hatsune Miku Promotion

To celebrate 5 years of the phenomenon that is Hatsune Miku (初音ミク), FamilyMart is holding a giveaway of goods with the images of character on them. The grand prize is a limited edition shooter with an image of Hatsune Miku on the side. If you have not heard of Hatsune Miku, it may be worth your time to spend some time catching up on the Wikipedia site (link below). Japan still has the power to create high-tech/anime phenomena. Hatsune Miku was originally created as a voice synthesizer, but was such a hit that the character created to represent the software has branched out into many other areas such as manga and virtual concerts both in Japan and the US.

Customers who purchase 500 yen or more of the goods designated in the promotion will automatically have a code printed out on their receipt, which can be checked using a special page on the internet.



Link with good photos

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Food at Oiso Long Beach

Oiso Long Beach is a very popular, huge pool complex just outside Tokyo located next to a Prince Hotel in the city of Oiso, Kanagawa. The top photo shows the popular rainbow shaved ice and the on the right grilled squid. The details on the lower photo are hard to see, but it is Pizza-La the pizza chain in Japan, and they are selling beer and most of the pizzas have corn, potatoes or mayonnaise on them.

7-Eleven Kyoto Uji Premium Tea

As part of its premium line of private brand products 7-Eleven has introduced a limited edition Kyoto Uji Gyokuro (京都宇治玉露) in attractive gold packaging. Gyokuro tea is a variety of Japanese tea where a special process keeps the level of amino acids (acid taste) and catechins (bitter taste) low, thus providing a tea with fewer off flavors. This product sells at a premium as compared with other teas while only containing 400 ml (not the more common 500 ml).


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.