Koiwai Yogurt Flavored Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink

This is an ad for Koiwai yogurt flavored lactic acid bacteria drink. It is a healthy image to go along with their recommendation to drink one bottle of this a day. They use Lactoccocus lactis JCM5850 and it is part of the Kirin iPlus series of functional foods. (Koiwai is a Kirin group company.) This strain is said to provide enhanced immune function - for which there is not yet a claim category - meaning even if they had all the evidence in the world, they could not get an approved claim.

The product name is Mamoru Chikara no Nyusankin, which means Lactic acid bacteria which protects the body. まもるチカラの乳酸菌小岩井 プラズマ乳酸菌 キリン


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.