Burger King Sourcing Chart

Tractability and ingredient sourcing have become concerns worldwide. In Japan, incidents involving imported ingredients have been the main cause for increased consumer attention. Burger King Japan has posted a chart of the origin and processing locations for all their ingredients and components. Here I give the translation of the first half of the chart. The processing location is in parentheses.

Whopper Patty        AU, NZ (AU)
Burger Patty           AU, NZ (AU)
Chicken Patty         TH (TH) TH = Thailand
Snack Chicken       JP, BR (JP) BR = Brazil
Fish Patty                US, RU (TH)
Pork Patty               US (US)
SPAM                       US (US)
Hot Dog Sausage    US, CA, JP (JP)
Bacon                       US (US)
Bologna Sausage    US, CA, AU (JP)
Roast Pork               US, CA (JP)
Buns                         US, CA (JP)
Tomato                     US, KR, JP  KR = Korea
Onion                       JP, US (JP)
Lettuce                    JP, US, TW (JP) TW = Taiwan
Salad                       JP, US, TW (JP) TW = Taiwan
Avocado                  PE (PE)  PE = Peru
Pickles                     LK (JP) LK = Sri Lanka
Lemon                      US

I will summarize the second half in a few days, but just looking at the distance traveled of the ingredients of a fast food meal is certainly interesting.

Here is a link to the list (PDF)

Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.