Glico Panapp Kumamon Mikan

This is an interesting new flavor for the Glico Panapp - Kumamoto Mikan (mandarin orange). Kumamon is the popular character which Kumamoto created to brand products from that prefecture. Companies can use it for free if at least some of the ingredients are sourced from Kumamoto. Kuma in Kumamoto literally means bear, therefore the character is a bear. Mon means thing, so it is literally bear-thing, which does not translate well, but works in Japanese.

This products is also designed to have the texture and taste of a French mille-feuille dessert, with vanilla ice cream layers separated by white chocolate and mikan sauce. 熊本県 温州みかん くまモン ホワイトチョコ ミルフィーユ パナップ 江崎グリコ


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.