A Label to be Envious of

Meiji Dairies "Ocha" Green Tea
Energy 0
Carbohydrates 0
Protein 0
Fat 0
Sodium 37 mg
Ingredients: Green Tea, Vitamin C
"Natural Water is Used"
"Shizuoka Tea Leaves are Used"
Nothing to hide or cause concern on this label, and it is all natural. This is a good example of popular tea products in Japan. Teas and coffees outsell soft drinks here, and aside from the health benefits of tea ingredients which have been proposed, simply consuming a natural, calorie free drink likely helps a great deal in keeping weight off.

If you eat Japanese food in a restaurant or if you buy a Japanese boxed lunch (bento, 弁当) in a railway station, various teas are frequently your only choice of drink, because stronger tasting or sweet drinks are thought not to go well with traditional Japanese food.