Grache Gardens Cheese Fondue

Grache Gardens is a family spaghetti and pizza restaurant.

City Market Cork Ireland #9

Rashers and Crubeens


FamilyMart Oden

Another winder staple in Japanese convenience stores.

City Market Cork Ireland #8



FamilyMart Chicken

A banner advertising hot, fried, boneless chicken often sold at convenience stores in the winter.

City Market Cork Ireland #7



Irish Yogurts 2

City Market Cork Ireland #6



Irish Yogurts 1

Offered in the hotel - from West Cork.

City Market Cork Ireland #5



Out of Africa

These cashew nuts from Kenya were offered on an international flight.

City Market Cork Ireland #4

Beef Tongue


City Market Cork Ireland #3


Auto Shop Replaces a FamilyMart

Bouquets of flowers are often placed in front of a new store to celebrate the opening. They are usually given by associated businesses.

In many areas, convenience stores are reaching saturation density. Thus the failure of this FamilyMart.

City Market Cork Ireland #2

Pig's feet


Suntory Black Oolong Tea Science

This poster shows a chart of the test results which Suntory claims show that their black oolong tea encourages fat to pass on through instead of being taken in by the gut. This product has been granted a FOSHU claim.

City Market Cork Ireland #1

Beef and Pork Ribs


Meiji Corot Chocolate

Fluffy chocolate centers with chocolate or strawberry chocolate coating.


Ireland - HB Ice Cream

HB ice cream can be seen on sale all over Ireland.

HB stands for "Hughes Brothers" is now owned by Unilever. It is Ireland's number one ice cream brand.


Ireland - Good Food

The Commodore Hotel in Cove, Ireland serves Good Food.


Ireland - Murphy's Irish Stout Long Poster

This is in Cork City, Ireland.


Ireland - Bar Food

Not nearly as many fast food restaurants in Ireland. Bar food is still much more available. That means Irish stout and fish & chips to me.


Odawara Fish Market

Fresh and dried fish.


First Kitchen Menu

First Kitchen is a Japanese fast food chain. Nestle sponsors a number of desserts including green tea tapioca floats. At the bottom it can also be seen that First Kitchen sources pork from Denmark under an EU promotion.



Morinaga Men's Pudding

Morinaga is trying to branch expand the dessert market. Specifically, it is trying to get more men interested in desserts by introducing a "men's sweets club" and a pudding aimed at men. These puddings were developed in collaboration with Dime Magazine (a popular marketing trends magazine) and Nifty (a larger Japanese internet provider and retailer). Offered in maple and salty caramel flavors, it seems heavier and less sweet than typical Japanese puddings.


Hot/Cold Packaging (Meiji Green Tea)

Japanese customers are accustomed to canned coffees, teas, etc. offered in hot and cold versions. Sometimes the same product can be used for either purpose, and other times the hot and cold versions of the product are different. This Meiji green tea in a brick pack was sold cold, but the top of the package shows that it can also be sold hot.


Fujisco Kurosu (Black Vinegar)

Fermented vinegar has long been consumed in Japan as a health food. The mash is advertised as coming from Okinawa, but the company is in Hiroshima. It is black because it is fermented with black garlic. It is able to carry a health claim due to the vitamin B2 and B6 content. It is a bit pricey at 4,200 yen for 1.8 liters, but it is meant to be diluted with 5 to 7 parts cold water before drinking.


Meiji Creamy Marshmellow

Not really my favorite, but interesting. Probably saves on ingredient costs also.


Winter Kirin

Limited edition beer. As is written on the can "Mild Taste". Limited edition or seasonal brews are common in Japan, but the winter is special in that makers are trying to find something to keep people buying beer during the off season.


Meiji Cocoa Ad on Meiji Milk Carton

Product synergy.


Ireland - Guinness with Wholegrain Mustard

Nice idea.


Beechdean Farmhouse Dairy Ice Cream

This was served on the BA flight back to Japan. Really good and the spoon in lid packing is also nice.


Asahi Cool Draft Happoshu

Nice package, but not does not rise above the pack of Happoshu beers. Same off flavor.


7 Eleven's "The Brew" 3rd Category Beer

This is a 7 Eleven in-house brand co-developed and produced by Suntory. This is a winner in my opinion - very cheap and actually drinkable.


Shinshu Soba

Regionally branded soba (buckwheat noodles). Shinshu (信州) is the old name for present day Nagano Prefecture (長野県).


Hanging Rice Out to Dry

Taken 2010.10.02


Calbee Sonomama Vegips Chips

Onion and Potatoes

The package refers to a special technology to keep the vegetables fresh, but I could not find anything about the technology when I searched for it.