Photo - Meiji Love Milk Disney Packaging

These are some different variations on the Disney packaging used with Meiji Love Milk.

Photo - Miyakojima Yukishio Chinsuko Omiyage

This is a famous omiyage or candy used as a present from Okinawa or more specifically Miyakojima Island. Although it is pretty much a crumbly sugar cookie, it uses the white salt which is recovered from the sea around Miyakojima island - the yukishio in the name translates as "snow salt". 宮古島雪塩ちんすこう

Photo - Minute Maid Red & Green Apple Juice

Coca Cola goes through Meiji for Minute Maid sold in paper cartons.

Burger King Breaking Dawn Crown Set

Burger King has introduced a Breaking Dawn Crown Set to support the current movie in the Twilight Saga. This teriyaki egg burger is supposed to symbolize the movie, but no details how this is supposed to be so. Looking at the picture and probably using more imagination than is warranted, the flowing teriyaki sauce could be seen as blood flowing from two fangs and the egg could represent the dawn or rising sun??? In any case, if you order a set you get a special Twilight Burger King Crown. I know Twilight appeals to younger people, but it seems like they are still older than the traditional Burger King paper crown age group.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.