Takanashi Low Temp "Love and Care Method" Milk

Takanashi is selling a premium low temperature pasteurized milk. This milk is pasteurized at 66 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, as compared with the typical pasteurization conditions in Japan which are 130 degrees for 2 seconds. Lower temperature pasteurization is much more time consuming, thus the premium price, but there is a perceived taste difference by many consumers. The most prominent structural changes to the milk are denaturing of milk proteins.

But Takahanshi has expanded the concept and calls it the "Love Method" or the "Love and Care Method", which might be read "produced with love and care method".

There are 3 elements of the "Love and Care Method" are the following:
1) low temperature pasteurization,
2) UV light blocking packaging (to reduce light induced oxidation and related structural changes),
3) sourcing milk exclusively from Kuzumaki Town in Iwate Prefecture, where high-quality milk is consistently produced with love and care.
高橋乳業 葛巻町 岩手県 愛情製法 低温殺菌 遮光パッケージ

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