Low Calorie Nikuman

This is from a few months ago, but it relates to my recent tendency to eat nikuman for breakfast. Sunkus Circle K convenience stores introduced low calorie nikumans to their stores.

One nikuman typically has 208 to 220 calories, while this new low calorie nikuman only has 128 calories.

Yogurt Named Trend of the Decade in US

When I was young, very few people ate yogurt in the US. It was considered to be something for vegetarians or tree-huggers.

Yogurt eventually came to take up lots of shelf space, but the varieties I have seen in the US have not been very appealing - they all seem to be no fat for adults or overly sweet and a strange color for kids. Yogurt in Japan and Europe tastes better, in my opinion. It is very good that yogurt's nutritional value is becoming well known.

The news as I see it is that Americans are finally starting to realize the benefit of probiotics, for which yogurt is a natural match.

The realizations of yogurt and probiotics lag way behind Europe and Asia though. Sort of like finally discovering the obvious.


100 Yen Sale at Mister Donut

Periodically, Mister Donut in Japan runs 100 yen sales where most of the donuts are on sale for that price. That ends up being a pretty good discount, because the regular price for donuts is between 120 and 147 yen.

We were reading and drinking coffee for about 2 hours in our local Mister Donut this past Sunday and it was pretty amazing. There was a constant line of people extending out the door, and most people where buying in bulk for takeout.