7 Eleven Cheese Gratin

The is a 7 Eleven PB cheese gratin in a 100 yen series of products. This one uses Hokkaido cheddar cheese and is made by Meiji.


Pokka Aromax Rich & Relax Coffee

Note the Tokyo skyline with Tokyo Tower visible.


Starbucks Milano Espresso


Assorted Sembei

These are my mother's favorite when I bring snacks from Japan.


Yamawaki Karinto

Karinto are deep fried flour, yeast and brown sugar.
This brand advertises brown sugar sourced from Okinawa, which in Japan is considered the best.


Yamazaki Flavored Bread Sticks

It says these were born from bread crust. I would assume one reason for these is because white bread is frequently sold without the crust. This is a least one use for the wasted bread.
Three flavors - coffee, French toast and sweet curry.


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Kellogg's Cereal Biscuits

Kellogg's is selling single serving packs of cereal biscuits in four flavors.
Maple & Honey
Brown Sugar & Honey
Macha Milk
Strawberry & Milk
All are high in fiber.

Iwatsuka Assorted Sembei

Assorted Sembei (Rice Crackers)
Flavors - black bean & sesame seeds, small fish & almond, and soy sauce and nori.


Calbee Hitokuchi Bizen

These are small healthy cookies or biscuits containing banana, oats, raisins, prunes, wheat and ficus. There is a triangle of goodness (快) which connects to clear or pure (澄) and (潤) which is related to moisture or lack of dryness and it frequently used in connection with skin health. And finally, the product name creates a new word for which the meaning is immediately obvious from the Chinese characters (美膳) which connects beauty (美) with a character which sounds like improvement (善), but uses a character used in medicine (薬膳). Lots of work went into the package design.


Meiji Curl School Entrance Exam Packaging

Each of these packages (the whole package) looks like one of the religious charms sold at Shinto shrines for good luck when children take their entrance exams for various school levels. One is cheese flavored and the other has a light flavor.
There is also a play on words were an u (う) is added before curl, in order to make it sound like ukaru (受かる) which means the take in take an exam.


Sanko Seika Assorted Sembei

These assortment pack of sembei (rice crackers) from Sanko Seika including most of the popular varieties: nori/laver wrap (のり巻), green nori (青海苔), soy sauce flavor (しょうゆ味), sesame seed (胡麻), shrimp (海老), salad flavor (サラダ味) and white honey flavor (白蜜).

殿様のおもてなし (welcome or treating a guest properly) is also a promotion this company uses across a number of products using a well known samurai actor.


Lotte Jang Keun Suk Gum

The Korean-Japanese multinational is cashing in on the K-pop (Korean pop music) and Korean culture craze in Japan with this gum. Jang Keun Suk is a pop star - I think, but to tell you the truth, I care so little it is not even worth the time to look up. Asian pop groups in general can be cute and I understand their attraction, but they are completely manufactured and in general possess very limited talent.


Meiji Chocolate Meltykiss Creamy Milk Chocolate

Seasonal special product - winter.


Meiji Chocolate Meltykiss Whips Caramel Flavor

Seasonal special product - winter.


Kirin Teagurt

PM Tea line - yogurt flavored tea, with apple and lactic acid bacteria.


Glico Strawberry Latte


Asahi Gatzun Health Bars

These are blueberry cheese flavored and claim 10 different vitamins, fiber, calcium, iron and magnesium.


Tohato Mini-Harvest Well-Made Crackers

These are made with four cheeses and pepper.


Calbee Vegips

Potato, onion and pumpkin chips claiming natural flavor without added ingredients.



Wasabi Nestle KitKats

These are special wasabi flavored KitKats which are sold to be presents for people visiting Shizuoka Prefecture. These use wasabi from Tamaruya Honten (田丸屋本店), a famous wasabi maker.