Nutraceuticals World - Top Food Trends for 2012


Avoiding E number food additive codes
Green & Local
The Senior Segment
Prevention & Potential
Health Claims


Time - Healthiest U.S. States Ranked

50. Mississippi
49. Louisiana
48. Oklahoma
47. Arkansas
46. Alabama
5. Massachusetts
4. Hawaii
3. Connecticut
2. New Hampshire
1. Vermont

Prepared by United Health Foundation, in partnership with the American Public Health Association (APHA)


Euro RSCG Worldwide - Five Food Trends To Watch In 2012-2013


Euro RSCG Worldwide via Food Manufacturing
1. Fat phobia as hate for overweight grips the globe
2. Guilt-free snacks, healthy snack offerings
3. Southern cuisine
4. Korean flavor, pickled and peppered
5. Mobile eats, food-trucks


FoodBev Media - The top 10 trends in food & drink for 2012


1. Regional producers get a boost
2. Uplifting food and drink to improve our moods
3. Packaging innovations to provide the answer
4. Learning to grow your own, bake your own, make your own
5. Foraging for truffles, mushrooms, wild berries and edible mini-​beasts
6. Going beyond the dinner party: at-​home dining occasions become more regular
7. Dusting off the recipe books and cooking from scratch
8. Food on-​the-​go gets a facelift
9. Megatrends … on a budget
10. Original food and drink pairing: inspiration for the nation


Mashable - 9 Delicious iPhone Apps for Foodies


1. Urbanspoon
2. Harvest to Hand
3. Epicurious
4. VegOut
5. Eat St.
6. Sushipedia
7. GrubHub
8. Foodily
9. OpenTable


Time - Top 10 Food Trends of 2011


1. All-American Imports
2. Occupy ShopRite
3. The New Vegetarians
4. Pre-Prohibition Drinks
5. The Rise of the Gastrocrats
6. Foraging
7. Artisanal Vinegars and Bitters
8. Next-Level Charcuterie
9. Texting at the Table
10. Regional Food


Leatherhead - 2012 Food Trends

Leatherhead 2012 Food Trends (link)

1 Health and Wellness
2 Sustainability
3 Convenience
4 Flavor Solutions
5 Free-From Foods
6 Natural
7 Affordable Luxuries
8 Quality Linked to Location
9 Over 55 Age Group
10 Softer Claims


Nice BBC Discovery Episode on Leptin.

"When leptin failed to be a wonder solution to obesity, this hormone produced by fat
cells, disappeared from the headlines.
Twenty years on scientists now believe leptin is critical to how the body works,
regulating appetite, the immune response, inflammation and depression.
Vivienne Parry investigates."



2011.11.28 to 2011.12.04 Week in Food & Science News

2011.11.28 Monday

Japan's Kansai Electric to build 2 solar plants

Daily Mail Online
Muslim medical students boycotting lectures on evolution... because it 'clashes with the Koran'
Note: "Does the term 'antibiotic resistant organism' mean anything to these blind zealots? May we all be spared any of them as our physicians."

Nestlé becomes first food company to partner with the Fair Labor Association


Ben Goldacre Taking Break from Column to Finish Book

Ben Goldacre will we taking a half-year break from writing his columns for The Guardian. The good news is that he will be using the time to finish up another book. His last article for a while is a summary of what he has learned and the points he has made over the past decade of writing for The Guardian.


Yomiuri B Grade Gourmet

The Yomiuri site has a neat video feature on its website highlighting B grade gourmet, or gourmet for the rest of us. It features interesting shops and restaurants all across Japan.


Ireland - Sandwich

Looks good, but I would not use the word "stuffing" for a sandwich. Makes me think of a Thanksgiving turkey. Interesting how many of these small differences in English usage you come across in other countries that share the same mother tongue.


Ireland - Supermac's

Supermac's is an Irish fast food chain.




Ireland - McDonald's M Burger

Looks like a square shaped premium burger. Not available in Japan.