Photo - Ajinomoto Knorr Mexican Chili Con Carne Soup Pasta

Ajinomoto owns the Knorr brand in Japan.

Photo - Kellogg's Rice Bran Flakes

These flakes use brown sugar, which has a very healthy image in Japan. I think Kellogg's used to stress how the brown sugar was sourced from Okinawa, but no mention of it now. The package does note that when taken with 200g of milk, you get a half day's worth of recommended 7 vitamins, iron and calcium.

Photo - Rice Grain Nutrient Content

This chart was on the side of a Kellogg's Rice Flakes box.

KitKat Dessert Assortment

This assortment pack mixes tiramisu and pudding flavored KitKat varieties.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.