Sapporo X Royce' - Chocolat Brewery

Sapporo Breweries Ltd. and Royce' Confect Co. Ltd (a Sapporo based small chocolate maker) have collaborated on a chocolate flavored beer-like drink.
The English on the label reads "Chocolat Brewery is made from roasted malt and cacao, having the characteristic of aromatic chocolate flavor and bitter taste". It is also labeled as "BITTER".

The Japanese on the advertisement translates very roughly as "Sapporo and Royce' present you with an adult brew".

The actual taste is not very bitter and is closer to a chocolate drink, and technically falls under the category of "hopposhu beer", making it taxed at a lower rate. Nevertheless, it is a premium product, selling for 268 yen per bottle at the Bic Camera discount liquor store. This product is "limited", meaning it will only be sold for several months or this product cycle.

Photo is a web capture for explanitory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.