Lotteria Exquisite Burger Money Back Guarantee

Lotteria is bringing back a hit promotion from 2009, the Zetsumyo or Exquisite Burger. Only this time, there is a new twist, you get a complete refund if you do not agree that it tastes good. I think most Japanese would be too embarrassed to ask for their money back on those grounds, but I also think like anywhere else this promotion will have some people take advantage of it.

I remember this offering and think, as Lotteria does, that most people will like it. Lettuce, tomato, mayo and onion on a beef patty that is said to remind you of steak. Add a dijion mustard and for the BLT version a thick slab of smoked bacon and you have a pretty appealing premium burger which goes for 390 yen (470 yen for the BLT version). ロッテリア 絶妙バーガー


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.