Photo - Hazards of Drunks on the Platform

This subway poster claims that 62.5% of injuries that occur on the platform involve people who have been drinking.

Photo - Burger King Holiday Special Whopper

This is a sign in front of the Akihabara Burger King. Burger King Holiday Special Whopper with Bacon and Egg.

Photo - Suntory Pepsi Vending Machines

Suntory has these three vending machines lined up next to one another in Akihabara. Pepsi goes through Suntory in Japan, thus the big Pepsi sign.

Photo - Akihabara Ramen Shop

This is a very good ramen shop on a back street of Akihabara called Yaro Ramen 野郎ラーメン. Huge slices of pork. 秋葉原