Mos Chicken Sandwich

This poster advertises a chicken sandwich special which uses chicken sourced from Hokkaido. It also mentions that this is a regionally limited special.


Vending Machine

There are several interesting things about this vending machine. One, only cold drinks are offered. That will be switched out pretty soon. Most likely, more than half of the offerings will be hot by a month from now.

Two, this machine accepts Suica electronic money. That is becoming very common in Japan.

Three, although this is a Coca Cola machine coffees, teas and waters all equal or out number cola offerings. This one advertises a European blend for the Georgia canned coffee line.


Ramen Shop in Ueno

I have never eaten here, but have walked past it possibly hundreds to times. It is in such a crowded location that I usually just want to keep walking. Interesting though.


Tully's 13th Anniversary Special T's Shake

I took this photo on September 6th, so it was one day out of date. Tully's celebrated its 13th anniversary in Japan by offering special shakes called T's Shake - honey/espresso, creamy mango, and vanilla milk tea.


Excelsior Caffe's Premium Frozen Mango Passion and Yogurt

Excelsior Caffe (a Japanese Starbucks competitor) is currently featuring Premium Frozen as Mango Passion and Yogurt. There is a latte flavor Premium Frozen on the regular menu. The prices for the small, medium and large sizes are 380, 430 and 480 yen, which makes it one of the group of most expensive offerings.