ABC Science Show - Protecting endangered fish stocks‏

Story on how orange rouphy were over fished but are now recovering somewhat under management. On this edition there is also a discussion of endangered fish stocks and how to protect them. High rates of mislabeling of fish in markets is noted as one problem as is the fishmeal industry.

State of the orange roughy
Protecting endangered fish stocks


ABC Science Show - Inefficiency of meat production & Ireland‏

Dublin is the European City of Science this year and the Director of Science Foundation Ireland is interviewed and discusses Ireland's commitment to science despite recent economic problems.

Science remains strong in Ireland

Inefficiency of meat production

An interview with two researchers trying to develop artificial meat, starting with a hamburger. Such a product remains a long way in the future, but interest in this subject comes mostly from people concerned with the environmental impact of meat production.



ABC Science Show - Japan one year after its earthquake and tsunami‏

Nice update on the Fukushima disaster last year. Makes a lot of points which can easily be overlooked: the real tragedy was the tsunami not the nuclear accident, even an out of date nuclear reactor with design flaws hit by a once in a 1,000 years disaster combined with human error has yet to result in one human death (pretty amazing), and the real heroes were the Fukushima 50. There is also discussion of the effects on area produce.

Japan one year after its earthquake and tsunami


Exposing the Heartland Institute (climate change obfuscation group)
Also of interest is a climate change related segment on warmer waters reducing the spawning of Pacific salmon.


ABC Science Show - Importance of gut bacteria in wild marine mammals‏

Interesting interview with a researcher who has taken the study of the importance of gut bacteria to marine mammals and finds differences but also surprising similarities. Once again, the discussion in this area turns to possible immunological benefits of these bacteria.

Importance of gut bacteria in wild marine mammals