Lotteria Wagyu Burger Series

Following up on the Kobe Beef burger I came across the other day, I looked back and found this Lotteria promotion from last year. It is a monthly rotation through 10 of the regional Japanese beef brands. This brings up an important point - while in outside Japan, Kobe Beef is the well known brand, within Japan, Wagyu or Japanese Beef is what people know and value. Within this Japanese Beef category there are many regional brands, only one of which is Kobe Beef. Therefore I think I will take this opportunity to introduce a few different Japanese beef brands as selected by Lotteria.

1) Kobe Beef 神戸牛 (Kobe City Area)
2) Bungo Beef 豊後牛 (Oita Prefecture)
3) Saga Beef 佐賀牛 (Saga Prefecture)
4) Hokkaido Beef 北海道和牛 (Hokkaido Prefecture)
5) Yamagata Beef 山形牛 (Yamagata Prefecture)
6) Sendai Beef 仙台牛 (Sendai City Area)
7) Tochigi Beef とちぎ和牛 (Tochigi Prefecture)
8) Hida Beef 飛騨牛 (Gifu Prefecture)
9) Matsusaka Beef 松阪牛 (Mie Prefecture)
10) Omi Beef 近江牛 (Shiga Prefecture)

Key Words: Lotteria, Kobe Beef, Japanese Beef, ロッテリア 神戸牛 和牛

Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.