Meiji VAAM and Fat Burning

Here is a some information about the fat burning properties of VAAM, an amino acid sports drink which some studies have shown to encourage fat burning earlier in the exhaustion cycle. Athletes (including professional athletes) use it to avoid or ease the wall that occurs when glycogen runs out, but it is also it is also marketed as a fat burning drink.

This graphic takes quite a few liberties in trying to display how much of an energy reserve people have if they use body fat. The carbohydrate calculation on the left is not explained, but apparently people have about 2,000 kcal of energy available from carbohydrates. In contrast, an average person of 70 kg and 16 percent fat has 80,000 kcal of energy available. Very problematic series of assumptions. However, I know a lot of athletes, but in Japan and in other countries who absolutely swear by this sports drink. 明治


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.