Coca Cola Mate Tea and Meat Day

Several things coming together in this ad, so it takes a little explaining to unwind it. First of all, Coca Cola's Mate Tea (or the Sun's Mate Tea) is a tea drink inspired by the South American drink called Mate, which is made from leaves of the yerba mate bush or tree. This tea uses the same leaves and boasts twice the amount of polyphenol and half the amount of caffeine. They also claim that this tea goes especially well with meat.

Second, there is a little known Meat Day in Japan, when meats are promoted. It is celebrated on June 29th, and is somewhat similar to the more familiar Milk Day which is celebrated worldwide on June 1st.

Third, churrasco food is a style of grilled meat popular across South America.

Forth, the World Cup is currently being held in Brazil.

All of this comes together in this advertisement where Mate Tea seeks out a restaurant serving churrasco food, which not only goes well with Mate Tea, but also creates the right atmosphere for watching games from Brazil. And all of this on or leading up to Meat Day.

コカコーラ 太陽のマテ茶 シュラスコ ワールドカップ


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.