Science Magazine Podcast - Gut Microbiota‏

In this weeks edition there is an interview with Jeff Gordon about a joint issue on the subject in Science and Science Translational Medicine focusing on Gut Microbiota. A nice general discussion of the subject is given. This is obviously an important subject for anyone in health and food science.


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NPR - Antibiotic-Free Meat Business Is Booming, Thanks To Chipotle

"To be sure, antibiotic-free meat still makes up a tiny share of the market. Economists estimate it's around 2 percent. But demand is growing."


NPR - Why Does Airline Food Taste So Bad

" At cruising altitude, you lose about 20-30 percent of your sense of taste."


Calpis New Peace Bottle‏

Calpis is heavily advertising its new "Peace" bottle, which claims four advantages: 1) a new four layer plastic film surrounding the product better protects against oxygen and light, 2) a new 6 facet bottle design provides easier gripping and the ability to line up the bottle for correct pouring, 3) a new special cap allows for pouring in either a fine or wide stream depending on the angle, and 4) all packaging materials fall under the same plastic category, therefore the bottle does not have to be separated for correct disposal and recycling.


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McDonald's Champions of Food Challenge‏

McDonald's is holding a world-wide contest for new healthy, balanced recipes submitted by adult-child pairs. Winners in each country will win trips to the London Olympics.


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