McDonalds Teritama Burgers

McDonald's is has introduced new twists on its annual teritama burger special. Teritama (short for teriyaki and tamago or egg) burgers have been a seasonal special since 1996. In most years, it is enough of a draw in and of itself. However, this year McDonald's seems to be putting a bit extra into every offering and the number of special offerings seem to be multiplying. Most likely an effort to generate excitement and draw attention away from disappointing earnings and profit numbers from the past year which have made headlines.

In any case, this year there is a Camembert cheese version, a chicken version and if you pay a little extra, you get ume or plum flavored fries and a cherry flavored drink, both of which are designed to go well with the flower blossom viewing season. マクドナルド てりたま

Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.