About Food Science Japan

Having lived in Japan a long time, I have found one thing crop up over and over again. While there is a lot of information about almost any subject readily available in Japan, there is very little available in English.

This blog aims to make information about the Japanese food industry, food products, food science and marketing available to a wider audience.

All of the information I discuss is publicly available in Japanese. I also have no ax to grind and generally think highly of all the companies I discuss.

I work in the Japanese food industry, so I try to keep something of a firewall between work and the content of this blog. That is also why I avoid using my real name. No huge secret, just trying to be prudent.

My focus is on the food industry and not Japanese cuisine as such. There are many wonderful blogs on Japanese food and Japanese restaurants, so there is not much use in me trying to cover that territory also.

At this point in time, I consider this blog to be the main outlet for the content I generate, but links to this content can also be found on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest.

Articles I find interesting related to food, science, Japan and marketing are posted/linked to on my Google+ feed only, so that might also be of interest to some people. Even though Facebook has more users, Google+ ends up having many more active users for specialized and international topics. Those who don't have Google+ accounts yet should really give it a try. Usually, articles I link to speak for themselves, so I don't feel the need to comment.

At present, I try to post 4 times a day, because any fewer and I would not be able to keep up on new products and information, but any more and I would not be able to keep up.

I also occasionally post with titles starting with "Photo" which means I took the photo myself. I usually try to keep the explanation to a minimum. These posts generally end up being very interesting to some people and far less interesting to other people.

The future:
1) working on a website,
2) hoping to build up enough content through this blog to make the website interesting.

Finally, I encourage and appreciate constructive feedback. Post a comment or send a message using the form and I will try to respond.