FamilyMart Intoen Hatsune Miku

As part of their Hatsune Miku collaboration, FamilyMart is selling special vegetable drinks with the character's image on them. These drinks are made by Itoen, but you will not find them on their website. I assume this is because they are being careful not to take sides against the other major convenience store chains (7-Eleven, Lawson, etc.). The ingredients are not listed on the website, but the drinks are called "Future Vegetables" or 未来野菜 which sounds better in Japanese. This product is also a tie-in to a popular Hatsune Miku song "Po Pi Po" ぽっぴっぽー which is about drinking vegetable juice, odd I agree, but an obvious opportunity for a vegetable juice maker. The song has been out for awhile, so the song did come first.


Wiki with Japanese lyrics

Translated English Lyrics


Link with good photos

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