Kirin Classic Beer

While Kirin Lager Beer is the brand and flagship product that Kirin traces back to 1888, its production methods have been tweaked over the years. In 1996 Kirin Lager Beer switched from a heat processing method to a non-heat processing method. It also changed its name to Kirin Nama Beer キリン生ビール. In 2001, Kirin Nama Beer reverted to the original Kirin Lager Beer name and also introduced Kirin Classic Beer which goes back to the old heat processing method.

You end up with an interesting situation where Kirin Lager Beer is the brand which dates back to 1888, but Kirin Classic is a relatively new, but uses the most traditional (by Japanese standards) processing method.

I like Kirin, but have never taken the time to compare these two products head-to-head, so to speak. There is a product for the near future. キリンクラシックビール


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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