Lotte Uru Up Collagen Technology

Lotte has a patent on its Uru Up Collagen supplement mentioned a few days ago. Collagen is frequently derived from either pigs or fish. In both cases, taste and smell can frequently be a problem. There are a number of patents addressing this problem. On its website, Lotte advertises their method and notes that a patent has been filed (but not yet accepted). The website explains that moderate heating and reduced pressure result in evaporation of the unwanted odor causing compounds. I was interested in exactly what these compounds are, so I tracked down the patent application and still found vague wording. However, they do mention that the compounds cause a caprylic smell, meaning caprylic acid, which does have a high boiling point. The chart on the right is the reduced odor. ロッテ コラーゲン


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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