Morinaga Oishii Gyunyu

As mentioned yesterday, Morinaga also has an Oishii Gyunyu or Delicious Milk brand, 森永のおいしい牛乳. They are in direct competition and both sell at a premium. They only differ in the proprietary processes they employ. Meiji's process depends on one key step - replacing oxygen from the milk with nitrogen prior to pasteurization to prevent off flavors. The Morinaga process depends on the optimal combination of processes and methods to produce and overall superior method. Taste is very subjective and these products promise a marginal difference which will appeal to milk lovers or people who previously just didn't quite like milk for some difficult to pinpoint reason. Research in this area is described on the Meiji website. But in the end it all comes down to whether you can taste the difference in either or both of these products, and if you are willing to pay the premium price.

Meiji Oishii Gyunyu or Delicious Milk
Went on sale in 2002
Natural Taste Process - removes oxygen prior to pasteurization to prevent off flavors.
Sells at a premium

Morinaga Oishii Gyunyu or Delicious Milk
Went on sale in 2003
Fresh Taste Process - infusion pasteurization, control of fat globule size and package coloring which best protects the milk
Sells at a premium



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