Meiji Macadamia KinokoSato Chocolate

Meiji's popular KinokoSato mushroom-shaped, chocolate covered cracker line is selling a special winter version, which adds chocolate covered macadamia nuts to the mix. In this version, the mushroom-shaped crackers are chocolate flavored and are coated in white chocolate. 明治 きのこの山 マカダミアナッツ


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.


Origamiliving said...

These look beyond good. Was thinking about getting some as omiyage for people back home, but not sure they would make the bus-ride to the airport frankly :)

Origamiliving said...

These look great as omiyage for my upcoming trip back home for the holidays, but not sure they'd survive the journey without being eaten!

Food Science Japan said...

Yes, pretty packaging and looks delicious also. The chocolate should travel well in the winter, but these boxes would not hold up well against other, heavier objects in your luggage. Worth a try though.