Pokka Sapporo Kimchi Yukgaejang Soup

Pokka Sapporo is not just a beverage company, they also sell foods, such as this new product. This soup, called Kantanbimi, is a Kimchi and Yakgaejang instant soup. Kimchi is traditional Korean fermented cabbage and Yakgaejang is a Korean style beef and vegetable stew. Relations between Japan and Korea might have their ups and downs, but Korean food varieties can always be found in every supermarket or convenience store. ポッカサッポロ 韓湯美味 旨×辛×酸 キムチユッケジャン

The pictured advertisement is for a product giveaway (20 total), which requires logging onto the website to enter.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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