Kirin Danone Volvic Drink 1 Give 10 liters for Mali

Volvic is the water brand now owned by Danone. In Japan, it is sold through Kirin. The water business in recent years has tried to associate themselves with public good, to counter negative perceptions such as essentially selling tap water at huge mark-ups in environmentally unfriendly containers.

Since 2006, some proceeds from the Volvic business in some European countries, North America and Japan (over 1.2 million US dollars to date) have gone to clean water and public health projects in Mali. The project name is "Drink 1 Give 10" and promises to make 10 liters of clean water available for each 1 liter purchased. Very nice, but it doesn't capture all the activities such as working to eradicate guinea worm. キリン


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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