Morinaga EcoRaku Packs for Infant Formula

Morinaga is taking an eco-friendly initiative with its infant formulas. Instead of the traditional tin cans, Morinaga is selling plastic container starter kits (plastic tub, measuring spoons) which can be repeatedly used with separately sold paper container refills. After use, the paper bag can be lifted out of the tub, rolled up and discarded. The product name incorporates "eco" for ecologically friendly and "raku" for easy to use.

They perform some calculations and come up with some interesting figures, albeit based on an overly optimistic assumption. IF all the infant formula in Japan were used in this fashion, the resulting savings in CO2 output would be equivalent to the CO2 taken in by 1 million cedar trees a year, or enough to fill the 387 Tokyo Domes. The overly optimistic assumption is that Morinaga would not only become the largest seller of infant formula, but the only seller of infant formula.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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