Meiji X Juicy Shower Gum

Meiji is introducing a new gum as part of its Xylish line called X Juicy Shower. This gum is not a zero calorie cum however, but instead focuses on a new taste technology. Meiji claims a new proprietary soft coating method which provides an initial burst of fruity flavor plus long lasting sweetness. This is accomplished by the combination of two methods. First, in addition to the hard, sugar coating which typically surrounds the gum base, X Juicy Shower has an additional soft, sugar coating beneath the hard coating. This results in an initial burst of fruity flavor. Second, the gum base contains encapsulated fruity flavor and encapsulated sweetener (for a longer lasting sweet taste). There are two flavors, Muscat and grapefruit. 明治 Xジューシーシャワー マスカット グレープフルーツ ソフト糖衣製法


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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