Meiji Chocolate Effect Series‏

Meiji's line of healthy chocolates is called Chocolate Effect チョコレート効果 and consists of high cacao content and low sugar content. The name sounds better in Japanese and obviously emphasizes the beneficial effects of chocolate. There are three versions:
72% Cacao, 2,000 mg polyphenols, 8.4 g fiber
86% Cacao, 2,300 mg polyphenols, 9.8 g fiber
95% Cacao, 2,300 mg polyphenols, 9.8 g fiber
The 95% Cacao version comes with a warning that it is very bitter. I have tried the 95% version and it takes a little getting used to, but I eventually did.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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