Meiji Essel Cup Travel Giveaway

To promote Meiji Essel cup ice cream, Meiji is giving away JPB travel vouchers (100,000 yen in vouchers to 10 people plus lesser prizes. Entry is by proof of purchase and postcard.

The campaign is called gattsuri seishun (ガッツリ青春), which roughly means "plentiful youth". The meaning is not completely clear until you read an explanation elsewhere which instructs "eat a lot of Essel to get many (ガッツリ) travel vouchers for a 'youth vacation' (青春旅行)" as the campaign is obviously aimed at school girls. Gattsuri does not appear in all dictionaries, is said to be most commonly used in Hokkaido, and is most commonly used with food, but I think "plentiful youth" conveighs the meaning better than "eat a lot youth".


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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