Sapporo Don't Look Away Campaign‏

Sapporo is holding a "Don't Look Away" campaign where you watch an internet movie about a devious woman (騙す女) and her husband. You then have to answer difficult questions about what you have just seen and the questions change so that the same set of questions rarely comes up. If you answer the questions correctly, you get a change at 1,122,00 yen (about 13 thousand dollars) or cans of Suntory Golden low calorie happoshu beer (金のオフ) and are encouraged to drink them as a couple.

The web page has questions like, "what is the wife's aim?" (妻の狙いは?) and "what is the husband's fate?"(夫の運命は?). The giveaway amount of money comes from "good couple" or "いいふうふ" which can be read as 1-1-2-2. A well known female actress, Hiromi Nagasaku (永作博美), plays the lead.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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