Yamazaki Tanita Lunch Pack Collaboration

In an interesting collaboration, Tanita is working with Yamazaki on the development of balanced, low calorie lunch packs. Tanita is an international maker of health measurement equipment for such things as weight and body fat. They recently opened a limited number of restaurants, one right in the middle of the business district around Tokyo Station, which look like company lunch halls but but focus on well balanced, low calorie meals. These restaurants also have registered dieticians on hand for free counseling.

Each Lunch Pack comes with two sandwiches, sometimes they are the same, but in cases like this, they can complement one another and provide interesting combinations. With this background, Yamazaki has teamed up with Tanita new Lunch Pack varieties.

The two Lunch Pack varieties here are both sets of different sandwiches.
variety one) pumpkin salad, plus chicken and stewed tomatoes
variety two) burdock root salad plus tofu hamburger

ヤマザキ ランチパック タニタ


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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