Meiji VAAM Diet

This is interesting for a number of reasons. As some might know, V.A.A.M. stands for vespa amino acid mixture and was discovered in giant wasps who employ this special amino acid balance in order to fly extremely long distances. This was eventually tested in humans and ended up as a sports drink what is used by Japanese athletes, including an Olympic gold medalist marathon runner. The brand name drops the periods and becomes VAAM.

This is the newest version of that product and is obviously aimed at women - note the photo of the lady on the bike and all the pink on the label - and is called VAAM Diet.

The first interesting thing is the zero added sugar. Amino acids have notorious taste issues, so getting rid of the sugar is probably not very easy. Second, they are now using D-V.A.A.M. which means they have a new mixture, which they allude to in the explanation. The website shows the same 17 amino acids at the original product, so the proportions must have been tweaked. They say the new mixture is said to be aimed at being "smart", which in Japanese means thin and stylish. That is as close as they come to making a claim. Usually, the key in health products is to always advise a healthy exercise regimen first and then be evasive about possible added benefits of a specific product within that exercise regimen.

In any case, a product with an interesting history which continues to evolve. 明治 ヴァームダイエット


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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