McDonald's Family Box extra

McDonald's is offering a family box for the holiday season. Personally, I think McDonald's looks much better as single servings. Too many fries lined up don't look quite as good. The party set, mostly fries, chicken nuggets and chicken strips is quite a lot of fried food. Not quite sure about these packs, but McDonald's in single servings still holds an undeniable appeal.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.


NyNy said...

Wow, Japan thinks of everything for Christmas >_< After hearing about the KFC Christmas stuff, I never would have thought McDonalds would do a family box. Definitely agree with you about single servings.

Coaster said...

Australia has these for a while not. I have never bought one though.
I remeber getting a survey when they were first thinking of the idea back in 2010.