Meiji Anpanman Vending Machines

Meiji is deploying Anpanman character vending machines to aim at the younger market. Anpanman has been the top ranking character among 12 and under children. Each machine offers regular items such as milk, flavored milk and juice, but also offers smaller size, similar varieties with Anpanman characters on the package.

For those unfamiliar with Anpanman, it is a really simple, but pretty funny show aimed at young children. There is a world occupied by a variety of personified foods, among which the superhero is Anpanman, whose head is an azuki bean paste filled bread. In each episode, Baikinman (bacteria, the villain, pictured on he upper right of the vending machine) causes problems that require Anpanman to come to the rescue. Somehow, his head gets wet and he has to be rushed back to the baker to receive a new head (and thus his power). He then saves the day.

There are also times when Anpanman comes to the rescue of a small child who is hungry, and without hesitation, he will break off a piece of his head and offer it. A pretty creative mind came up with this show. Although it is aimed at small children, I still think the premise is hysterical and the show well done. 
明治 アンパンマン自動販売機


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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