Koiwai Konjiki Yogurt

Kirin's dairy subsidiary is now located in Tokyo, but has its roots in Iwate Prefecture, part of the earthquake and tsunami hit Tohoku region. An area of Iwate, Hiraizumi 平泉, where a very famous temple Chusonji Temple 中尊寺 is located, which in turn possesses a golden temple building 金色堂, was named a World Heritage Site several years ago. Koiwai is selling a yogurt in special gold containers to celebrate the designation of the temple as a World Heritage Site and to promote reconstruction in the area. The name of the yogurt is the same as the name of the temple building, Konjiki yogurt 金色ヨーグルト covered in gold (the photo shows the building surrounding the gold temple building). Donations are made to recovery efforts on the sale of this yogurt as well as several milk brands. 金色ヨーグルト、キリン、小岩井、平泉、中尊寺、金色堂


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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