Kirin Koiwai KW LAB Probiotic

Another product in Kirin's i-Plus series is Healthy Adult Yogurt 大人が元気ヨーグルト, which contains 400 mg of ornithine オルニチン and the KW LAB probiotic strain. KW has a general intestinal condition activity and ornithine is an amino acid which Kirin has been pushing due to studies showing enhanced fatigue recovery. This combination of intestinal health and fatigue recovery are considered to be more appealing to adults (and by extension the elderly). This product is the result of a collaboration between Kirin, its amino acid and ingredient subsidiary Kyowa Hakko and its dairy product subsidiary Koiwai. キリン 協和発酵 小岩井 KW乳酸菌


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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