Mister Donut Campaign Goods

This should wrap up my thoughts on Mister Donut for a while. I just wanted to add one more reason that I think Mister Donut has been successful here in Japan where they have over 1,300 locations. As many retail stores in Japan do, they use point cards, but the points at Mister Donut are can only be used for goods that are changed every few months. Probably the best thing about these promotions are the choice of goods - they are almost always something attractive to old and young alike, but not so cute as to turn away boys. They are also made well enough that you feel like keeping them (and not immediately throwing them away like some other giveaway items). The current giveaway items include these donut shaped pouches, but other giveaways have included nice mugs, plates, bags, towels etc.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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