Meiji Dorea Frozen Chocolate Dessert

Meiji's new frozen chocolate sweet can be easily confused with an ice cream, but the website is quick to emphasize it is not. The white filling is not ice cream, but a slightly whipped rare or fresh cream, and this is covered with a thick layer of rare chocolate. The product is frozen like ice cream, but advertising explains that it can (and has been developed to) be eaten 3 different ways for 3 different taste experiences - it can be eaten fully frozen, or it can be eaten 30 minutes after being moved to the refrigerator or it can be eaten 90 minutes or more after being moved to the refrigerator. The product melts or defrosts gradually over the first 90 minutes and not much afterwards. This melting or defrosting affects the flavor, which gives the customer something to test and is seen as a selling point. Interesting concept. 明治、ドレア


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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