Bourbon Kanpan Biscuits‏

Bourbon is a confectionary maker based in Niigata. They are jumping into the disaster preparation market with a stylish version of long shelf life biscuits. In this nation all too familiar with natural disasters, homes, companies and schools typically have cans of long shelf life biscuits and bottles of water on hand. These biscuits are called kanpan 乾パン or "dried bread", but they come in plain packaging. Bourbon's new offering has a colorful package, cute bear characters (same bears used for a regular cookie brand) and a variety of cracker shapes and flavors. These biscuits have a 5 year shelf life.

As part of a promotional campaign, Bourbon is giving away stuffed character dolls to 500 people a month who mail in proof of purchase marks from eligible Bourbon products.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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