Kirin Sumikiri Beer 1 Year Anniversary

Kirin Sumikiri is a 3rd category beer, which is said to be inspired by the refinement of the Japanese sword, not exactly sure what that means in practice, but the label could be seen as resembling steel of a fine blade. This product claims to use technology from Ichiban Shibori beer and Tanrei beer technology to bring out the best barley flavor and emphasizes 100% malt flavor in the beer portion of the product which is then mixed with spirits produced from barley to be classified in a lower tax third beer category.

This advertisement shows actor Etsushi Toyokawa, who often plays samurai in movies, in a nice outfit which includes a Kirin crest on the helmet. キリン 澄みきり 豊川悦司


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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