Grand Kirin White Day Campaign

Kirin's premium beer Grand Kirin brand is holding a White Day campaign where a man can give a friend a beer via Facebook or Twitter. You can 1) send a friend a chance to win a bottle of premium beer, 2) try to win one yourself and send anything you win to a friend or 3) buy a bottle and send the coupon to a friend. Either way the coupon you send via Facebook or Twitter is sent with a special "secret" message of your choosing.

You can choose either the original Grand Kirin or the newer Grand Kirin The Aroma, which uses special hops and a proprietary production process. The concept behind Grand Kirin is a beer so good that you can be satisfied with just one bottle (and it is priced accordingly).

The campaign is limited to men, as White Day is a commercially created holiday where men give Valentine's like gifts to women. As many people know, in Japan there is a Valentine's Day, but women give men chocolates. So one month later, confectionary companies get one more opportunity to profit on White Day (March 14th).

Interestingly, it specifies that only men can be on the giving end, but uses the gender neutral "friend" for the receiving end. Not sure if they are trying to be enlightened or not.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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