Meiji Gran Premium Ice Cream

Meiji is introducing a new premium brand ice cream called Meiji The Premium Gran, which emphasizes the use of high quality milk, and uses a proprietary "Gran Milk Process".

There are 5 reasons of listed for the good taste: use of superior milk with a rich flavor, superior milk also results in a better aftertaste, less reliance on sugar for sweetness (more sweetness from the milk), produced in Hokkaido (Japan's largest dairy region), and ice cream that melts in your mouth with a pleasing mouthfeel. This product went on sale nationwide Aug 27th.

The varieties are Gran Milk, Gran Milk with Rich Matcha, Gran Milk with Rare Caramel and Gran Milk with Hand Picked Strawberries.


Photo is a web capture for explanatory purposes, copyright belongs to the company.

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